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ven 13 Décembre  2013
Date de l'événement
jeu 12 Décembre 2013 > ven 13 Décembre 2013
CIVA auditorium

Nordic Architecture on Tour

Coming to Brussels

A series of lectures on the Nordic way of architecture
Final event in Brussels

The six-part lecture series "Nordic Architecture on Tour" will end at CIVA in Brussels on 12.-13.12. with two evenings featuring films and panel discussions. Leading themes of the lecture series will be revisited and the possibility of Nordic architecture serving as inspiration to its Belgian counterpart will be discussed

December 12 - Nature in Culture  - 19.00-21.00

The theme for the first evening is Nature in Culture (screening of HARPA (2011) - from dream to reality – a documentary about the construction of the Concert and Conference Hall in Reykjavik – and Norwegian Detours ( 2012) - about something as rare and spectacular as contemporary architecture outside of the big cities).

Roel De Ridder, will reflect on the question of how nature can be an intrinsic part of architectural creations.

Denis Dujardin is a Flemish nomadic consultant on Landscaping and Urbanism.
He is designing a wide range of diverse projects in very different contexts.He teaches “Paysage” and “Lieux d’expression” at the architecture department of the UCL (Université Catholique de Louvain) at Tournai (Belgium). He lectures as well at different European schools and art institutes. His projects are featured by an emphasis on feasibility and invisibility. Hence the aspect of dissimulation: dissimulating the intervention in a theatrical manner.
The role of the designer is being put backwards, in favor of pragmatical use.
Where the imagery towards the context , is dealt with, in a reticent and integrated
manner. He also writes essays on art, more specifically on painting. His projects are to be found in Belgium, France, Holland, Luxemburg, Germany and China.

Swedish permaculture architect, Peter Hallén, shall moderate the discussion.

Panel Participants :

Roel De Ridder, PhD Master of Architecture, researcher at Hasselt University and teacher at KU Leuven, artistic director of Architectuurwijzer.

Denis Dujardin BVBA
Landscape – Urbanism - Scenography

Peter Hallén (Moderator)
Permaculture architect MSA.

December 13 – Urbanisation - 19.00-21.00

The theme for the second evening is Urbanisation (screening of the Danish film The Human Scale (2012) – about building cities in a way, which takes human needs for inclusion and intimacy into account – and the Finnish film Newly Drawn (2009) – about a joint project resulting in publications, exhibitions, workshops and other events in both Finland and abroad).

The professionals in Friday night's panel, Lisa De Visscher and Jonas Olsson, will reflect on the role of inhabitants in architectural solutions. The discussion will be moderated by the director of the Danish Cultural Institute/Benelux and former mayor of Technics and Environment of Copenhagen, Klaus Bondam.

Panel Participants :

Lisa de Visscher, Architectural Engineer, Neutelings Riedijk architects and University of Liege

Jonas Olsson, Senior producer of the Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design "Arkdes"

Klaus Bondam (Moderator)
Director of The Danish Cultural Institute/Benelux and former Technical and Environmental Mayor of Copenhagen.

Dans le Cadre de 2Weeks Before Xmas 14 & 15.12.2013 - 10:30 > 18:00

* Dans le cadre du Nordic Tour,  Le Fonds pour l'architecture présente Nordic workshop
Enfants et adultes (dès 5 ans)

À l'approche des vents froids du Nord, réchauffons-nous en bricolant, seul, en famille ou entre amis!

Dans le cadre de la Nordic week et à la veille des féeries de Noël, le Fonds pour l'Architecture propose aux petits et grands un atelier créatif, pour confectionner de jolies décorations : mini maquettes à suspendre au sapin, guirlandes, cartes et de nombreuses autres surprises !   

Les samedi 14 et dimanche 15 décembre de 14h à 16h
Participation aux frais : 5 euros par participant et par jour

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