Date de l'événement
lun 11 Mai 2015 - 17:30
Atelier Space Speculation et le centre de recherche LoUIsE
Site Flagey RG19
Rue du Belvedère, 21
1050 Bruxelles

Suzanne Eliasson : GRAU, Eva Pfannes : OOZE

Designing with flows ll

In our cities, flows are mostly channelled in or along conduits, and when they are not, they become a risk to fight. It’s time to analyse, understand and learn to use those flows as the foundation of our cities’ metabolism.

How do the flows of water, energy, waste, food or people and goods function? What’s their impact on our quality of life? How do they relate to spatial developments? Can we design those flows as to improve the environmental prospects of our cities? How can a more accurate knowledge about the relation between our cities and their metabolism help us to design better places? During this lecture series we wish to get acquainted with the proposals architects working in cities have developed regarding some of these questions. The all seem to agree on one thing: cities are our new nature, and we cannot stay indifferent to the challenges this poses to spatial design.