Date de l'événement
mar 06 Septembre 2016 - 10:00
Wouter Van Acker (Université Libre de Bruxelles) and Thomas Mical (Auckland University of Technolog
Place Flagey White Room
1050 Ixelles


Workshop on postmodernist aesthetics

The ugly is a nearby foreign land of everyday aesthetics, one that has been given little critical attention in architectural theory or other architectural writing. From mass media to the production of postmodern architecture, the contemporary development of the ugly lacks the precise analytical tools found around constructs of beauty and its replacements. This project seeks to evoke a more nuanced and precise appraisal of what ugliness is and does. To replace architecture front and center with current discussions in art theory and cultural history on ugliness, and in the context of a reappraisal of postmodern architectural malformations in contemporary architectural historiography, the workshop aims at confronting and coming to terms with the specific nature of the aesthetic category of the ugly as manifested in the eruption of various postmodern architectural monsters.


10.30: Wouter Van Acker (Université Libre de Bruxelles)         

Architecture and Ugliness. An Introduction

11.10: Lara Schrijver (University of Antwerp)

Ugliness as aesthetic friction: renewing architecture against the grain.

11.50: Bart Verschaffel (Ghent University)

            Disgusting Architecture?

14.00: Henriette Steiner (University of Copenhagen)

24 Hours of Ugliness – An Everyday Urban Experiment

14.40: Dörte Kuhlmann (Vienna University of Technology)

Architecture after the End of Taste

15.20: Thomas Mical (Auckland University of Technology)

The Pataphysics of the Brutalist Surface

16.20: Teresa Stoppani (Leeds Beckett University)

Dusty and Formless

17.00: Wouter Van Acker  (ULB)

Ugliness in Peter Corrigan’s Architectural Theatre

17.40: Andrew Leach (University of Sydney)

Baroque, Kitsch, Ugly