Date de l'événement
ven 10 Février 2017 - 9:30
Faculté d'Architecture La Cambre Horta - Louise - IUAV - ETSAB
Auditoire Victor Bourgeois
19, place Flagey
1050 Bruxelles

Up North

Vilvoorde: Breeding Ground for Socio-Spatial Innovation

The design unit Space Speculation consider the renovation of the existing city and its hinterland as condition for a sustainable future.

Our approach to this question is grounded in a multi-scalar reflexion about the flows traversing the urban landscape and the processes contributing to articulate it, also known as Urban Metabolism (UM). Architects’ work encompasses the design of places as well as the identification, connection and disentanglement of the diverse flows (of materials, energy and water) crossing those places.

In this way, UM makes possible to move from an object-centred approach to a systemic one, allowing architects to engage flows, actors and places into their proposals for urban transformation.

During the second semester of 2016/17, we will focus on the transition of the former industrial areas of Vilvoorde, a medium-size city located on the North of Brussels and along the canal. This research by design will be conducted in collaboration with the Laboratorio d’Urbanism de Barcelona (LUB), de l’Escuela Tècnica Superior de Arquitectura de Barcelona (ETSAB) and the Università IUAV di Venezia in the framework of the programme Erasmus+ « Integrated urban design e-studio for XXIst century sustainable metropolitan region », accessible on the web platform:

In addition to Vilvoorde (Belgium), the inter-university collaboration will work on Tarragona (Spain) and Porto Marghera, Mestre (Italy). The residential and productive ecosystems of this old industrial towns, located next to highly dynamic urban areas, and characterized by a combination of small and

old human settlements, large scale industrial infrastructure, and a diverse demographic profile, are the breeding ground for socio-economic and spatial innovation.

PUBLIC PROGRAM: Friday February 10th, Bert GELLYNCK (1010), Laura VESCINA (BUUR), Eva FONTEYN (MSI/ SAU), Tom LAGAST (SpaceLab), Hans VAN HOOF (BrabantNet), and Pieter STAELENS (Rebel-Group, tbc).