Space Speculation

Space Speculation is a research by design studio link to the Laboratory of Urbanism, Infrastructure and Ecologies (LoUIsE). Space speculation addresses the socio-economic and ecologic transition of the existing city and its hinterland as condition for a sustainable future. Our approach to this question is grounded in a multi-scalar reflexion about the material flows and stocks of the urban landscape and the processes contributing to articulate it. We therefore claim for architects a role that would both encompass the design of places and identify, connect and disentangle the diverse material flows (materials, energy and water), stocks and resources.

The urban landscape is a complex, extensive and interactive ecosystem that operates continuously to meet the needs of its residents. Flows of materials, for example food, energy and water have a major impact on the functioning of our cities, and therefore on our environment, our health, well-being and economic robustness. In the present linear system, raw materials are transformed into products to be destroyed at the end of their lives. Within a circular economy perspective, the ambition consists of maximizing the reuse of products, components and raw materials in order to minimize value destruction. Urban metabolism and circular economy offers many opportunities for entrepreneurs, businesses and industries: the more you try to understand the cycles and the chains operating within every productive ecosystem, the lesser resources will be consumed and waste be generated, contributing indirectly to innovation.

Space speculation considers that in any inhabited territories, the stakes of economic transition and ecosystems balances create opportunities for social innovations, community values and projects. Urban design is a tool to explore these emerging social innovations and community values.

Space Speculation is a studio fully in English, giving its participants a chance to practice this language (speaking, reading and writing). A mimimum level of A2 to B1 is expected to undertake the studio.

Projets antérieurs

Voyage d’études (semaine du lundi 20 mars)

As part of of the metropolitan e-studio a study trip and workshop in Barcelona will be organized during Easter holidays from 3rd to 7th April 2017. This study trip is organized jointly with colleagues from ETSAB and IUAV. It is not mandatory. Participants from Space Speculation is limited to 15 . Registration and selection of students will be made during the first week of the semester. Travel and accomodation fees are included in the Erasmus+ budget for this inter-university collaboration.

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