DP Design Process

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Philosophie de l’option

Philosophy of this teaching unit


•       Study of “Design Thinking” through an exploration of “Building Materials” in architectural design process

Objectifs du module et compétences visées

Objectives of this teaching unit and acquired specific learning


•       This unit “Design Thinking & Building Materials” aims to highlight the elements of the design process, to underline the multiple implications on the student’s architectural production. This one enlarges the approach of the architectural program and thus the student’s’ creative potential, firstly by developing cognitive knowledge, and secondly, by approaching the experimental research focused on the study of the design process.


Our contribution to the educational profile

•       Design a project to experiment and be innovative by performing an installation including the integration of human, technical and economic constraints of the design project.

•       Develop a reflexive attitude enriching the theories and practices of architecture: master and integrate the technical and human sciences dealing with the process of architectural design, manufacture, and transmit a design expertise, problematize a research question around the process.

•       Build as an architect ethical and responsible practice: consider architecture as a cultural discipline constantly renewed, in constant touch with developments of artistic and social practices.

•       Interact with all the actors involved in the issues of space and architecture: Foster experimentation and creativity; communicate in a clear and structured way for experienced or not public, the architectural design process tracking and its spatial production.

Specific objectives

•       Observe, analyze and assess the design process;

•       Assess the potential of a material and a design element;

•       Understanding the stakes of the architectural design process;

•       Design an installation;

•       Present in English a design process and its production orally and in writing (poster, book).

Enoncé(s) pour ce quadri

Statement for this term : ”Wood in Europe”

Méthodologie - Methodology

Lectures, articles, interactive pedagogy, content and language integrated learning

Enseignant - Teacher

Prof. ir.Geneviève Martin