What Is Transversal Planning?

Design and Development in the Circular Economy

The workshop looks at “transversal planning” in terms of design and development of circular economy projects. The workshop looks at the “systemic” nature of the circular economy, involving the flows of materials at the scale of the city. This raises urbanism, technical, commercial and logistic challenges.

The workshop looks how to manage the complexity of the circular economy through tools and techniques for dealing with it from a cross-disciplinary perspective.

The workshop is hands-on and over the course of the five days students will look at the theoretical perspective, sourcing materials, demounting, designing, building and ultimately commercialising a product.

The workshop will be based in an industrial building situated in Anderlecht. The students will gain first-hand experience in a project that uses the building to collect obsolete windows from demolition sites and convert them into green houses. The students will have the opportunity to participate in all steps.